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Rhinoplasty - Nose Job

What is Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) ?

Nose Job – Rhinoplasty is the aesthetic surgery done to a person's nose by reasons of changed nose structure due to an accident, by birth or uncomfortable with his/her nose.

Result of a Nose Job – Rhinoplasty is permanent shape/structure changes to the nose. By this surgery skeleton and soft tissues of the nose is being shaped and made into a more scaled and matching form of person's face.

Best form of the nose is determined by both you and your surgeon on the examinaton done before operation.

Purpose of this surgery is to give you a more natural look by shaping the nose matching the natural look of your face.

What Is The Age Of Operation?

Even though the development of a person's face is nearly 90% complete at the age of 16-17, best age to operate for Rhinoplasty is 18 on males and 17 on females. For patients who are younger than that needs to be approved by surgeon on an examination before operation.

Who Should Be Operated?

If your nose structure; is asymmetrical by birth or due to an accident, is large, nosetip is sagging, nostrils are large, in short nose structure is not matching your face or there is an functional difficulty making breathing harder you should consider getting a nose job.


After your surgeon 3D models your face, by with your opinions too, will show you how will you look post operation on 3D models.

It is very important to inform your surgeon of any kind of medication or illness you currently have.


When the Nose Job – Rhinoplasty is done, patient will get bandages and plaster cast. After a couple days of this condition patient can go on with his/her social life easily.

In the end of a week bandages and plaster cast will be removed. In the meantime due to surgery method and patient's genetic structure there can be bruises and swelling.

These bruises and swellings are temporary. By patient's physiological structure, healing process and time of bruises and swellings may change.

Patient's postoperative nausea and tiredness should pass after a brief rest.

Patient will stay one night at hospital after surgery.

Then patient will be given certain prescriptions and information on things should be cautios of.

After all done patient should visit the surgeon by appointed times.

Rhinoplasty before after

Rhinoplasty before after

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