Fat Injection

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Fat Injection

What Is Fat Injection?

Fat Injection is taking fat from belly, hip, waist and processing that fat, making it injectable to anywhere on the body thats lacking volume or have hollowness.

Fat Injections are usually done for thickening lips, filling wrinkles around mouth and on lips, filling on cheek and around cheekbones.

Also it can be done to shape legs, butt and arms. Fat Injections are optionally done by general or local anesthesia.

Purpose of this surgery is to give you a more natural look by shaping the necessary places, matching the natural look of your body.


After your surgeon 3D models your body, by with your opinions too, will show you how will you look post operation on 3D models.

It is very important to inform your surgeon of any kind of medication or illness you currently have.


Patient can return home on the same day of the operation. There can be bruises and swellings on the operated areas but body will heal itself easily.

Injected fat can dissolve by 40% to 70% at the end of one year depending on patient.

Because of this how long injected fat will stay intact on the area is can be understood in first 3-6 months and injections can be repeated by this time if necessary.

Since injected fat is patient's own, there are no risks of having an allergic reaction.

After all done patient should visit the surgeon by appointed times.

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