Breast Enlargement

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Breast Enlargement

What Is Breast Enlargement?

Being a womans strongest symbol breasts have an important place in plastic surgery.

Basic purpose of breast enlargement is to give the patient matching size and shaped breasts to the body.

Also operations done on breasts should not harm its functionality.

Best aesthetic form is determined by both you and your surgeon on the examinaton done before operation.

Purpose of this surgery is to give you a more natural look by shaping the breasts, matching the natural look of your body.

Who Should Be Opearated?

Anytime after puberty and when the developement of breasts come to an end.

It is not advised to do before pregnancy and milking periods.

If there is a suspected bulk in breasts operation should be postponed until the suspicions end.


After your surgeon 3D models your chest area, by with your opinions too, will show you how will you look post operation on 3D models.


Operation is done under general anesthesia over an hour.

For patients who doesn't have possibilty of bleeding we do not insert drains.

Patient can shower after 3 to 5 days.

Patient's postoperative nausea and tiredness should pass after a brief rest.

Patient should stay in hospital under care for a day.

Then patient will be given certain prescriptions and information on things should be cautios of.

After all done patient should visit the surgeon by appointed times.

Breast tissue can be larger and tenser than normal postoperative, for days after operation breast will come back to its normal size and form.

Activities that forces the chestbones like heavy lifting and driving should be avoided for atleast 7 days.

Because of sports like swimming, tennis, basketball are done mostly by arm movements they should be avoided for 6 to 8 weeks.

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