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What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is the process of removing fat clusters from a specific area.

Can be applied to anywhere on the body.

Best advantage is that there are no marks left. Since fat cells decrease on the area, regional lipoidosis is also reduced.

Anyone who doesn't have a systemic disease can have this operation.

Liposuciton is not a operation to lose weight but it is done for fixing regional fat swelling and shaping the body better.


After your surgeon 3D models to be operated area, by with your opinions too, will show you how will you look post operation on 3D models.


Duration of operation varies by the area it will be done. Patient should stay in hospital under care for a day and discharged with advice of wearing a supporter for a month. On local operations there can be rough places called orange-peel-like image. Hollowness can be seen on overdone areas. By doing over liposuction there can be fat embolism seen. But if the process is done neatly these problems never occur.

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