Tummy Tuck - Abdominaplasty
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What Is Tummy Tuck - Abdominaplasty?

What Is Tummy Tuck - Abdominaplasty is mostly done to people who has saggy abdominal skin due to giving birth, fast weight losing and aging.

Also for those who have cracked skin around lower abdominal area, lifting operation will help.

Depending on the level of deformity, mini or complete abdominoplasty operation is possible.


After your surgeon 3D models your abdominal area, by with your opinions too, will show you how will you look post operation on 3D models.


Operation is done under general anesthesia over 2 to 3 hours, after 2 days of staying in hospital care drains are removed and patient is discharged.

After operation, usage of abdominal supporter for one month is adviced.

Patient shouldn't work hard for around a week.

Patients who had thick fat layer before operation can experience leakings and swellings due to fat necrosis.

These effects are temporary and will be healed postoperative.

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