Ear Pinning
Helen Aesthetics

What Is Ear Pinning?

Earlap being distorted brom birth can cause the person a very bad emotional effect especially around childhood period.

Under local or general anesthesia, cartilage is shaped by stitches done underskin from back of the ear..

What Is The Age Of Operation?

Earlap is finishes its growth around 5-6 years old, also this condition can be abused by other children in school period.

Given these circumstances best time for operation is pre-school period.

Patients who are older than 9-10 years can be operated under local anesthesia.


Since operation is done behind the ear there is no visible scar. Behind the ear there could be a hidden scar matching the curl of ear.

After removing bandages patient can leave hospital that day if operated by local anesthesia, else should stay for a day. Patient should use headband for 2 to 4 weeks.

After all done patient should visit the surgeon by appointed times.

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