Turkey attracts tourists from all around the world because of the beautiful nature. archeological and historical artifacts and constantly developing tourism. Turkey is surrounded with three seas, amazing mountains. coves, harbours that makes it one of the mest preferable touristic center.

Places in Antalya worth to see:

Summer season lasts around 8 month in Antalya. 12-month activites are available for those who likes beautiful mountains, valleys, lakes, creeks, waterfalls and caves. Unforgettable experience is waiting for hunters. mountainers and ski-lovers. Turkey is the right address for those who wants to have a cultural vacation because of the countless historical artifacts. Turkey attracts attention with its modern health centers last few years (dentistry, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, dermatology, check-ups, cancer treatments, ENT, dialysis, epen hearts surgeries. gynecology, tumor surgeries. brain surgeries. orthopaedia, hair transplantation and organ transplantation). Most of people prefer Turkey because of the ability to have their health treatment and vacation at the same time.

Antalya is situated in the south of Turkey and considered as second most beautiful city of Turkey after lstanbul. Antalya's second name is " Likya coast", length of this coast is 640 km therefore this is the most beloved touristic destination. Thousands of tourists come to Antalya every year. Long sandy beaches, wild coves, sky blue sea, fishing villages, fantastic views are waiting for the guests.

Places in Antalya worth to see:

Manavgat Waterfall: Placed in the north. 3 km away from Manavgat city. lt's a great point to start your trip.

Duden Waterfall: Placed in Antalya city. There is a stairs that takes you to the graves. This waterfall falls off to the sea 10 km away from 40 m hight.

Alara Waterfall: üne of the wildest waterfall of the meditterenean region. 25 m length.

Alanya Museum: You can see historical artifacts of Lidya, Rome and Ottoman imperias. Bronze statue of Hercules from greek mythology is present here.

Antalya Kaleici: The major feature is ottoman style houses.

Side Antique City: Means pomegranate. Unique elaborated antique city has 2 main streets which are example of it's time. City is surrounded by ancient tombs.

Olimpos: Greek ancient city

Alanya: A lot of ancient cities ruins are present around Alanya

Termessos: Placed 30 km away from Antalya on the north- west. Elevation from sea level is 2000 m. You can visit the Rose Mountain which is surrounded by moluntainns and present natural travertine stone. This place hasa very different peaceful atmosphere of ancient cities.

Rafting Köprüçay/Beşkonak: Try this unforgettable rafting trip on the river running through the National Park and enjoy Toros mountain view in the same time.

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